Thursday, 31 July 2008

just gonna put up some samples of my work in here. more later, just back from SDCC, the busiest time of the year in San Diego and now I'm back in Edinburgh, Scotland for the Fringe Festival, one of the busiest times here. what a ride!!
hope you like this veritable portfolio of stuff.


Sph1nx said...

Eno dude ! Ya rocking hard hahahah
Glad to see ya ok dudette, keep on working.

Qwertyrulz said...

Holy art flood, Batman!
good to see you using the blog, eno!:D

Brian said...

Final a new post!! :)

Great seeing you at SDCC 2008. Hope you had a good time.

RobbieNate said...

sweetness^^ glad ya had a gd time in the USA hope the Frnge Festival is just as good^^

Tim Dowling said...

Hey Tanya,

how's it going? Found your blog by accident. You've some lovely sketches :-) FIERCE !!!

How's life?

Tim :-)